The blend of tradition and modernity is Carlo Rotta’s philosophy who selects traditional specialities from Piedmont, his native region, above all the ‘gianduia’ chocolate, and revisits them with a modern touch to create unique, exclusive products.
Genuine ingredients of the highest quality such as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) hazelnuts from Piedmont, Sicilian Bronte pistachios and Noto almonds and cocoa from Ghana and Ecuador are used to make 100% Made in Italy chocolates, designed and produced by the best Turin-based chocolatiers.

A passionate gourmet, enthusiastic traveller and lover of chocolate, Carlo Rotta is the discoverer of confectionery excellence and spokesman abroad for the unique and unmistakable taste of Italian chocolate.

Under the brand named after him, Carlo Rotta creates top quality artisan products designed for sale in selected food boutiques in the major cities all over the world. Exclusive products, that make the territory where they originate, the artisan production methods and selection of raw materials a value that is appreciated everywhere on the international market.
The innovative vision of Carlo Rotta is reflected in the brand logo, where a stylized rendition of Turin’s landmark building, the Mole Antonelliana, is portrayed from an unusual perspective. Instead of being shown from a typical frontal position the Mole is seen from above, as though through a bird’s eye, in a sweeping vision embracing different places and cultures.

The long love story between Turin and chocolate began in 1560 when, to celebrate transfer of his capital from Chambéry, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy symbolically served a steaming cup of hot chocolate to the city. Turin is still synonymous with chocolate even today. An authentic passion that has stimulated the creativity of the master chocolatiers of the city over the centuries, to the extent that they have been able to create specialities appreciated all over the world, and Turin-born Carlo Rotta wishes to contribute to their promotion. Carlo began with one of the most typical products of Piedmont: gianduiotto chocolates.

It was in Turin that Gianduia chocolate originated in 1806, for good reason. At the time, in fact, an embargo ordered by Napoleon Bonaparte on British industrial products and those from the British colonies, had made it difficult to obtain supplies of cacao in the Kingdom of Savoy. Its cost had by then become prohibitively high and a number of Turin chocolatiers therefore hatched the idea of mixing ground local hazelnuts (the “tonda gentile” variety from the Langhe area) with cacao to obtain a very tasty paste, gianduia. In 1852 Michele Prochet, a celebrated chocolatier from Turin, developed the recipe for gianduia chocolate and created a chocolate with the distinctive upturned boat shape: the gianduiotto.
In the 1800s, the Carnival in Turin was very famous. During the Carnival period, the streets filled with festive citizens and floats, full of people in fancy dress throwing sweets to the by-standers, paraded through the squares and streets in the centre of the city. During the Carnival of 1865, Michele Prochet, dressed up as Gianduja, the Piedmontese stock character with a three-cornered hat who was the symbol of the struggle for independence fought in Piedmont in 1799, gave out the new chocolates he had recently created to the surrounding crowd. From that day, the paste made from cacao and hazelnuts took the name of “Gianduia” and the chocolate in the form of an upturned boat became known as a “Gianduiotto”.


Carlo Rotta's exclusive creations are made using only wholesome raw materials of the highest quality. All the basic ingredients, such as hazelnuts from the Langhe area, are typical products of the Piedmont region and are traceable (indeed it is possible to trace the exact plot of land where the hazelnuts have been grown and harvested).

Other ingredients, like pistachios from Bronte and almonds from Noto come from other Italian regions and are Slow Food “presidia” (Slow Food is a movement which began in Bra in the province of Turin with the aim of promoting, protecting and safeguarding Italian farming and food and wine traditions, a movement which has now expanded its activities to every part of the world).


Carlo Rotta’s specialities are created with the intent to fulfil the chocolate desire of the most passionate and sophisticated gourmands and make the world appreciate the best chocolate from Piedmont.


Invented in Turin in 1852, the Gianduiotto is the king of the gianduia-based chocolates. Carlo Rotta offers a version with 30,5% of Piedmont hazelnut and, according to the best tradition, without milk. The cocoa from Ghana, slightly acidic, is combined with cocoa from Ecuador, more delicate and aromatic, to create a balanced blend.

Carlo Rotta’s creativity goes beyond the tradition by enriching the offer with two new versions: Coffee Gianduiotto, made with 10% of Arabica coffee, and Pistachio Gianduiotto, made with Sicilian pistachio.
A real journey of pleasure for sophisticated palates.


The best quality of cocoa, embellished with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts , round one of the classics of Italian chocolate.
With Cremino Classico, Carlo Rotta makes us live an experience in taste. In the mouth are released sweet and delicate notes typical of gianduia chocolate, enhanced by an inner layer of sophisticated white cream made of hazelnuts.


For lovers of dark chocolate, Carlo Rotta has created a range of five Extra-Bitter bars, all with an unusual and innovative taste.

  • Extra-Bitter (75% Cocoa) Sugar-Free Chocolate
  • Extra-Bitter Chocolate with Ginger
  • Extra-Bitter Chocolate with Absinth
  • Extra-Bitter Chocolate with Cinnamon
  • Extra-Bitter Chocolate with Red Chilli


A true pleasure for the palate. The best whole PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont enrich the chocolate made from a careful blend of cocoa (from Ghana, slightly acid and from Ecuador, delicately aromatic).

  • Milk Chocolate Nocciolato (minimum of 30% cocoa)
  • Dark Chocolate Nocciolato (minimum of 56% cocoa)


Creamy and flavoursome, Carlo Rotta Spreads are perfect when spreaded on freshly baked bread but are also great by the spoonful. With no added fats, they are all gluten free.

  • Gianduia Spread
  • Cocoa Spread
  • Coffee Spread
  • Milk Spread
  • Almond Spread
  • Pistachio Spread


Nuggets of milk chocolate and dark chocolate enriched with delicious whole IGP Piedmont hazelnuts.

  • Whole Hazelnuts covered in Milk Chocolate
  • Whole Hazelnuts covered in Dark Chocolate


A thought of love. Unique and unexpected. A delicious heart of dark chocolate with a surprise in itself: a tasty little heart made of milk chocolate.

We recommend storing all our products at a temperature of 17-19°C in a dry place, far from sources of heat.

His constant quest for quality has caused Carlo Rotta to focus on the quality and appeal of the packaging of his products too. In particular, the boxes and packages used are never left to chance, but on the contrary are the result of careful design studies by the very best Italian craftsmen in the field. The materials too, first and foremost cardboard, are the best the market has to offer.

These characteristics ensure that Carlo Rotta's packagings are absolutely unique and that the boxes used become authentic design objects and, as such, collectables to be kept over time.

THE CHOCOLATE SHOW IN LONDON Carlo Rotta participated at ‘The Chocolate Show’, the world’s greatest chocolate exhibition held in London at Olympia West from 17-19 October. The Chocolate Show hosts incredible chocolate companies, demonstrations, tastings, truffle rolling, couture outfits made entirely of chocolate and much more.

BEST 100 UK START-UP Carlo Rotta has been selected by THE PITCH, Britain’s biggest small business competition, as one of the top 100 UK start-up.

SELFRIDGES’ CHOCOLATE LIBRARY Carlo Rotta Extra-Bitter Chocolate bars have been placed under the ‘C’ letter in the prestigious ‘Chocolate Library’ at Selfridges in London.

MAISON DEL GUSTO Based in Monaco, Maison del Gusto is an online luxury lifestyle gourmet boutique. Internationally renowned for the breadth and depth of its exclusive offerings, it sources the worlds most prestigious brands in food and wine. You can find a broad selection of "Carlo Rotta" chocolates at Maison del Gusto.

HARRODSIn June 2015, ‘Carlo Rotta’ and Harrods, one of the most renowned department stores in the world, started a collaboration. You can now find ‘Carlo Rotta’ Gianduiotti at Harrods Knightsbridge chocolate department.

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